our applicants

As a result, our comprehensive and customized job finding concept provides a pool of Philippine health care workers whose job credentials are second to none.
These health care workers:

  • meet the highest quality standards in the field of nursing and health care;
  • are highly skilled, efficient and motivated nurses whose excellence can be characterized by total dedication to their work;
  • are famous for their reliability, their team spirit and their interpersonal and communicative skills which make an ideal complement to their vocational professionalism;
  • have mastered the language competency Level B2 in German, which is required by German health care institutions;
  • have obtained the degree of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) from leading Philippine universities after a four-year training program which particularly focuses on clinical practice and practical patient care;
  • are known for their human warmth and devoted service to the sick in connection with a work ethic and compassion which are unsurpassed.

In order to get a full access to our list of applicants with all information details, you may register free of charge. However, please be aware that for security reasons we need to check your entries before giving you access. This privilege is extended solely to the HR Manager. Thank you for your understanding.

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