Our actual appicants looking for a job as: Staff Nurse Medical Ward 591 +++ Staff Nurse Geriatrics 493 +++ Staff Nurse Surgical 245 +++ Staff Nurse Intensive Care 125 +++ Home Care Nurse 88 +++ Staff Nurse Emergency Room 67 +++ Staff Nurse Pediatrics 63 +++ Staff Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care 55 +++ Staff Nurse Operating Room 52 +++ Staff Nurse Obstetrics/Delivery Room 31 +++ Staff Nurse Post-Anesthetic Care 31 +++ Hemodialysis Nurse 26 +++ Staff Nurse Pediatric Intensive Care 26 +++ Staff Nurse Orthopedic 15 +++ Staff Nurse Critical Care 12 +++ Staff Nurse Oncology 11 +++ Staff Nurse Psychiatric Ward 10 +++ Dialysis Nurse 9 +++ Ambulance Nurse 4 +++ Staff Nurse Neurosurgical Ward 4 +++ Cardiology Nurse 4 +++ Staff Nurse Hematology 3 +++ Neonatal Intensive Care 3 +++ Dental Nurse 3 +++ Physical Therapist 2 +++ Radiology Nurse 2 +++ Anesthesia Nurse 1 +++ Staff Nurse Palliative Care 1 +++ Nutritionist-Dietician 1 +++


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Few slots left for 7th batch
German class scheduled for March now open. Interested applicants should get assessed soon.
First group starts learning German
Iloilo, the first group of 20 nurses start German class at West Visayas State University Language Center.
Philippine-German labor agreement signed
The Philippines and the Federal Republic of Germany on Tuesday, March 19, concluded a government-to-government agreement that will facilitate the placement of Filipino healthcare professionals in employment positions in Germany.
Nurses from the PhilippinesWe make it our responsibility to place qualified healthcare professionals from the Philippines to Germany.

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How we work

Athena Nursing Care is inspired by the fine reputation Filipino nurses enjoy around the world, we connect highly skilled Filipino health care professionals with hospitals and nursing homes in Germany and other European countries. As a company accredited with POEA we are committed to health care services on the basis of transparency, accountability, and integrity.

01Athena Nursing Care is an agency which has developed a new concept of compre- hensive and customized health and nursing care services. It is a job finding concept whereby all stakeholders are involved in the process of matching health care employ- ers and health care employees. We believe that in our globalized world it is only trust based services which lead to satisfaction of the served.
02Athena Nursing Care is in constant touch with health establishments to keep suitable candidates well informed about labor markets and conditions in Germany. In general, Filipino nurses enjoy the same salaries and benefits afforded by their employers to the citizens of their country. Moreover, by providing additional schooling and training to deserving candidates, these health establishments offer chances for advancement free of charge.
If Athena Nursing Care appeals to you, feel free to explore our services.


our services

Athena Nursing Care enjoys an excellent reputation of providing highly qualified health care personnel from the Philippines to health care institutions in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Based on our comprehensive and customized job finding concept, we offer unsurpassed services to all parties involved in the field of health and nursing care.

We offer Philippine nurses a variety of options to work at public and private hospitals and nursing homes in various areas of nursing care.
We assist health establishments in Germany in recruiting the personnel they need by providing them with relevant and customized professional data on our website.
We help organize German language courses for suitable candidates, which are required by German health establishments, by collaborating with Intermed Language Institute INC in Iloilo City, Philippines.
We support teachers of German at West Visayas State University in their task to bring nurses up to the required competency level B1 which is commensurate with the standards used by the Goethe Institut worldwide.
We operate a Training Centre for our nurses in Iloilo city to give them extra help in German conversation and to prepare them for the extra-professional challenges they will face in Germany.
We organize sessions with retired nurses from Germany giving our applicants first-hand information on how to cope with the German way of time management and system in organizing their tasks but at the same time not forgetting their Filipino way of nursing care.

Looking for a career abroad?

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Why not Germany? After 40 years Germany has open its doors to Filipino healthcare professionals again. The positive impression left behind by our nurses in the past should be carried on by the new set of health providers in a more challenging environment. We prepare you with adequate trainings and seminars to help you face this challenge. Germany is home to people from all over the globe.
Five good reasons to live and work in Germany:

01Take advantage of good job prospects. The German labor market offers qualified professionals excellent opportunities and attractive salaries. Engineers, natural scientists, IT experts and medics are particularly in demand.
02Be part of the success story. Always one idea ahead of the others - this is what drives many German companies forward and guarantees them success. Firms therefore offer their qualified professionals opportunities to help them develop the solutions of tomorrow.
03Feel welcome. Germany is a cosmopolitan country where qualified professionals from abroad find success working in a host of different positions. And Germany will go on to rely on this expertise even more in the future.
04Enjoy life. Germany is a country where life is good. The balance between work and leisure, high level of security in daily life, and the modern health system are just some of the reasons why surveys show that 95% if immigrants appreciate life in Germany.
05Experience new things. From packed football stadiums to the lively cultural scene, from nature parks to the diversity of people - Germany has a great deal to offer you.
We could help you make it a reality - Come and see us.


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our applicants

As a result, our comprehensive and customized job finding concept provides a pool of Philippine health care workers whose job credentials are second to none.
These health care workers:

  • meet the highest quality standards in the field of nursing and health care;
  • are highly skilled, efficient and motivated nurses whose excellence can be characterized by total dedication to their work;
  • are famous for their reliability, their team spirit and their interpersonal and communicative skills which make an ideal complement to their vocational professionalism;
  • have mastered the language competency Level B2 in German, which is required by German health care institutions;
  • have obtained the degree of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) from leading Philippine universities after a four-year training program which particularly focuses on clinical practice and practical patient care;
  • are known for their human warmth and devoted service to the sick in connection with a work ethic and compassion which are unsurpassed.

In order to get a full access to our list of applicants with all information details, you may register free of charge. However, please be aware that for security reasons we need to check your entries before giving you access. This privilege is extended solely to the HR Manager. Thank you for your understanding.

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